Our current clients include:

Daikin America

Jones Services

Reed Exhibitions

Hillrock Estate Distillery

Axel Plastics


Orange & Rockland

Valley Mason Supply


Quaker Creek Store


Ryerson Studio

Liggero Architecture

Dave Smith Architect

IPG Real Estate

Masterwork Home

Blackburne Farm

Laurie West Creations

New Hawk Studios


I understand that choosing the right ad agency or graphic design firm is a very important decision. Who can you trust to turn your budget into business? Advertising and design are powerful tools that promote your product and company to your potential customers. But, in the wrong hands they'll just waste your money and lower your image.

Businesses that work with Vela Advertising know that from the largest to the smallest job, we make sure your advertising and design work for you by being both effective and efficient. We view your budget as an investment that should make a profit for you through an increase in business.

Besides knowing how to advertise, your agency must also be able to create work for you that looks great. It costs the same to create bad design as it does to create beautiful design. But bad design will cost you much more in terms of results. If you are paying for advertising now and it doesn't look as good as famous national brands, then you're probably not getting your money's worth. The size of your budget only determines the scope of your project, not the quality of our agency's work.

I've been creating advertising and graphic design for around 30 years. Now, through my own firm I can offer you the best of what I have learned working in various agencies. Vela Advertising is built to provide the best possible service and results for you.

I have extensive experience creating graphics and advertising for clients in many industries: public utilities; banking; health care; real estate; manufacturing; chemicals; tourism; education; the arts and more.

I am a hands-on creator and producer of advertising programs and campaigns. From creating the ideas through production of final files, I maintain quality and efficiency through every step.

I look forward to the opportunity to put Vela Advertising to work for you.

Tony Vela

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